All about us

Marlborough Road Academy is a two form entry primary school with a 60 place nursery in the Broughton area of Salford.

The school has approximately 500 pupils. There are 70 staff comprising teachers, learning support staff, office staff, caretakers, cleaners, kitchen and lunchtime staff. All members of staff, pupils and their parents/carers form a valuable part of our school community and work together to achieve the best outcomes for everyone. Forty-nine languages are spoken by the school population and 50 ethnicities are represented.

In September 2012, the school became an academy in partnership with Salford City College, Salford University and Salford City Council made up of representatives from each of the organisations. The aim of this partnership is to create lifelong learning opportunities for all our community. The academy is overseen by a trust made up of representatives from each of the establishments. We are excited about the opportunities this partnerships provide.

We are now able to offer 60 places in our Reception and 60 places in our Nursery.



To find out how to apply for a place at Marlborough Road Academy please follow the link to our Admissions Policy http://www.marlboroughroadacademy.co.uk/policies


Our Ethos and School Values

The Staff at Marlborough Road Academy is committed to improving the life chances of the children in our care by providing the very best education we can. Staff are committed to quality first teaching to ensure that children acquire the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics. We recognise that children need to succeed in the world and therefore have to be confident in their literacy and numeracy skills. We also want the children to be able to to apply their skills in different contexts so that they are well prepared for their future education and the world of work.

A common thread running through the work of the Academy is broadening pupil's horizons. This is achieved through the curriculum and by developing trips and visits and encouraging visitors to extend children's understanding. This broader approach to learning continues at lunchtime where children have a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills. As part of the Academy ethos, children are encouraged to learn about the world of work by taking on jobs across the Academy. Children are encouraged to earn rewards which can be saved towards a trip at the end of the year, thus encouraging a stronger understanding of the importance of a strong work ethic.

The community around Marlborough Road is extremely diverse. Pupils have a wide range of backgrounds; there is very high mobility within the community and currently 49 languages are spoken in the school. Consequently we have a strong emphasis on teaching English as a second language and children make rapid progress. The Academy bases its philosophy on a mutual respect for each other and a tolerance for the differences encountered in the community.

Part of the work of the Academy is to develop manners and high standards in behaviour from all children. Pupils are expected to understand the basic social requirements and boundaries in school. This is taught and re-enforced through our values of:

  • Friendship
  • Responsibility 
  • Aspiration
  • Pride
  • Knowing Yourself
  • Trying your best 
  • Making good choices
  • Caring 
  • Thankfulness

Children see the Academy as a safe haven and they are expected to attend school regularly and work hard.

The Academy recognises the importance of Early Years education. We recognise that high quality learning in Nursery and Reception improves children's achievements and attainment through the rest of their learning.

Staff are expected to provide quality first teaching based on a thorough knowledge of their pupils. They are able to work in a mutually supportive environment, where there is a high degree of accountability yet excitement about learining and a commitment to get the best form their pupils.


Times of the school day

Nursery and Key Stage 1

Start: 8.50am, Finish: 3:10pm

Key Stage 2

Start: 8.50am, Finish: 3:15pm

Assemblies: KS1 - Friday at 2.30pm, KS2 - Friday at 1.00pm


Pupil Voice

At Marlborough Road Academy we value the opinions of our pupils. Pupils carry out a range of jobs very responsibly. These jobs include:

  • School council - to collect pupils' views on the school environment
  • Pupil Leaders - to collect pupils' views on teaching and learning
  • Play Leaders - to act as role models for behaviour
  • Gardeners, Dental Hygienists, Register and Milk Monitors, Eco-Warriors - to act as role models for attitude and commitment


School meals and milk

Pupils in EYFS and KS1 receive free fruit each day. For pupils in KS2 toast is on sale every morning playtime for 20p.

  • School dinners are cooked in our school kitchen. There is always a choice of hot or cold food. Vegetarians and pupils requiring halal meals are catered for. From September 2016 school meals cost £2 per day. To find out if you are entitled to free school meals, please ask at the school office.
  • All pupils in Reception, Yr1 and Yr2 will receive free school meals. Parents need to complete a Pupil Premium form so that school can access additional funding. These can be collected from the School Reception.
  • Milk is free for pupils who are under 5 years old and for pupils on free school meals. Otherwise milk costs 65p per week. Pupils can be added to the milk list at the start of a half term.


Special Educational Needs - Local Offer

On our mailings page you will find information about the provision Marlborough Road Academy provides for our families http://www.marlboroughroadacademy.co.uk/school-mailings/

Result of Parental Survey October 2013

The results of our Parental Survey in October 2013 are that:

  • 97.5% of parents think their child is happy to come to school
  • 89% of parents think their child is making good progress
  • 94% of parents think their child is well looked after at school


Pupil Premium

The Academy receives additional funding for any pupil who is in receipt of free school meals. This funding is called the Pupil Premium. Follow the link to find out how we have spent our pupil premium. If you think you may be entitled to free school meals please ask at the Reception. http://www.marlboroughroadacademy.co.uk/policies


Key Stage 2 SATs Results

You can find the result of our Key Stage 2 SATs by following the link to the mailings page http://www.marlboroughroadacademy.co.uk/school-mailings


Governors Disclosure and Interests

You can find Governors disclosure and interests by following the link to the mailings page http://www.marlboroughroadacademy.co.uk/school-mailings


School Performance Tables

Please follow the link http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/school.pl?urn=138417

Please follow the link for our latest Ofsted report https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/138417 


Marlborough Road Academy, Dudley Street, Salford M7 4XD TEL: 0161 921 2110