A friendly, caring school with an exciting future
Pupils at Marlborough Road Academy

Ofsted Report

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

Our 2018 report identifies some areas for development, but it also highlights the strengths of the school.  Our challenge now is to maintain the things that are working well and improve those that need to be improved.  These include the following:


  •  A broad and balanced curriculum that promotes pupils’ personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development extremely well.  

This means that pupils are taught an appropriate mixture of subjects, which help them to grow and develop their talents.  They are encouraged to become well rounded people, who have their own views and opinions, but respect those of others and who are willing and able to work together confidently to make a positive contribution to the world they live in.

  • Pupils behave well, feel safe and enjoy school.  They offer a warm welcome to everyone, so that new arrivals quickly become part of the school family. 

Pupils at Marlborough Road Academy know and use our three rules: be safe, choose kind and work hard.  They are proud to belong to a community with so many different cultures and religions and enjoy making friends with people from all over the world.  We recently had an independent review of our behaviour system ( 27 Feb 2018) by Pivotal Education, who commented that: 

‘The school is a calm, open and welcoming crucible of learning.  The learners feel valued and every child spoken to fed back how happy they were at Marlborough Road’.

The OFSTED report describes the range of activities on offer at lunchtime as ‘quite unique’ and ‘particularly special’.

  • The quality of care and support offered to pupils is second to none. Consequently, they thrive emotionally and socially. 

At Marlborough Road Academy we feel that pupils need to know that they matter as individuals, in order for them to be able to do their best.  Feeling like you belong reduces anxiety and develops self esteem.  At Marlborough Road, adults and children work hard to develop positive relationships and to support one another to face and overcome any challenges that life brings.  Safeguarding is described in the report as ‘extremely thorough’. 

  • Leaders accurately identify priorities for development and systematic approaches to teaching are leading to sustained improvements in Key Stage 1 and in some Key Stage 2 classes. 

School leaders know the school well and have identified the next steps that need to be taken to make the school the best it can be.  Plans are in place and the work that has already been started is having a positive impact.

We are committed to doing all that we can to make sure that pupils leave the school ready for the next stage in their education and able to compete with their peers nationally, despite the many challenges that pupils face.  The report recognises that may pupils at Marlborough Road are new to English and praises the way in which the school helps them acquire language quickly.  It also describes how pupils with SEND ‘benefit from working in small groups on their individual targets’.

Areas For Development:

  • Match the effective work of the school to remove the barriers to pupils’ social and emotional development with a similarly thorough approach to improving pupils’ academic achievement and increase progress. 

To make sure that pupils make the expected amount of progress from their starting points  and do as well as they can we are going to:

  1. Improve our understanding of the reasons why pupils may not make enough academic progress and make sure that there are effective systems in place to overcome these barriers.
  2. Ensure that the good work done in interventions is carried over into lessons to accelerate progress. 
  • Ensure that all teaching is of a high quality. 

Training will be focussed around improving the quality of teaching and will include working with external partners to provide additional, specialist training and to give an independent view of how things are going.  We will also:

  1. Improve the quality of teaching where this is not good enough, so that any gaps in pupils’ knowledge and understanding are filled quickly and the child can catch up with his/her peers nationally.
  2. Improve the system for monitoring the quality of teaching and learning, so any underperformance is dealt with quickly and maximum progress can be made.
  • Ensure Governors and the Salford Academy Trust ask challenging questions.

The school’s effectiveness is monitored by the Local Governing Body and the Governing Board of the Salford Academy Trust.  These groups meet regularly to discuss how well the school is doing.  In order to improve the rigour of the questions asked of school leaders, the CEO of the Salford Academy Trust will attend Local Governing Body meetings and report to the chair of the Trust Board.  Further training will be provided to Governors and external agencies will be involved in the quality assurance process. 

  • Target the use of the pupil premium funding to ensure disadvantaged pupils have the same chances academically as other pupils nationally. 

The Salford Academy Trust has commissioned a review of the way all the schools in the Trust spend the money they receive for these pupils.  In OFSTED terms, disadvantaged pupils are pupils who currently have free school meals or have ever had them in the last 6 years.  Marlborough Road Academy will work with the reviewing team and act upon any recommendations made.

Inspectors will be back next year to review progress.  We would really appreciate your support in improving outcomes for your child by making sure he or she is at school every day and is on time. Below are some further ways in which parents/carers can help raise attainment:

  1. Read with or listen to your child read regularly.  Attend school library sessions.
  2. Talk to your child about what they see around them/things they have done to build their vocabulary and understanding of the world.  Practise spellings and handwriting together.
  3. Count with your child/learn multiplication tables and division facts, use money, tell the time.

Together we will move forward and make Marlborough Road Academy the very best it can be. 

The Whole School Team